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5ED Master Inventory

Important Message About the Updated 5ED Master Inventory, Ver. 7

PLEASE DISCARD ANY PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF THE 5EDMI. There have been many changes made to this new Ver. 7, and many new foods and therapeutic botanicals have been added.

With the 5 Element Diet project, my intention is to EMPOWER you to take greater responsibility with your own health and healing. It has been such a GIFT to bring forward this “lost” information so that all who can see the wisdom of it can bring greater awareness to the way that they eat, drink and take care of their bodies.

My intention is to share my gifts with the world according to how Spirit directs me on the inner levels, and to maintain a high level of integrity and accuracy with doing this work. For instance, if I come across a certain plant or tree which has been used in the past for its medicinal properties, but the plant or tree does not line up as being Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for nearly all people, then I will not include it on the Master Inventory. This is why you may not see a certain therapeutic botanical that you’ve read or heard about. For example, skullcap (Scutellaria spp.), a nervine that has been used as a medicinal herb for many years, may cause undesirable side effects with long-term use. However, valerian (Valeriana officinalis), a nervine which also has a metal vibration would be considered much safer to use. Conversely, I’ve included some plants that are known as being toxic (these will be labeled as such) in order for you to gain greater insights into how the 5 Element theory works. It’s great when a light bulb of understanding goes on inside of someone, and they say to me, “Oh yeah, I get it now!!”

Download or Quick Search the 5ED Master Inventory, Ver. 7

Click the button below to download the 5EDMI, Ver. 7 in PDF format. If you would like to request this file in Microsoft Word format, please contact me.

Can’t find the food item you are looking for? Click on the magnifying glass icon located in the navigation bar at the top and type in your keyword. If the food or herb that you are looking for is not listed in the 5EDMI, or you need further assistance, please feel free to contact me. I welcome suggestions for potential additions to the 5EDMI.

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  1. Just met you at Trader Joe’s today talking about wheat and grains. Your information here is valuable. When I first encountered everything the different elements, I got so confused. Looks like this will be good.

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