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I’m Michael, and my mission is to assist individuals to become more attuned to their bodies, and the nourishment needs of their bodies. In this way, anyone who has the inner discipline can achieve noticeable improvement of their health, vitality, and energy levels through choosing to consume food and drink according to the unique needs of their body chemistry. In essence, one’s food can become one’s medicine. Think about it…we need to eat or drink something every day. Doing anything, even things like exercise, or brushing one’s teeth, may not make a difference in the short term. But over time, it all adds up. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but my mission is to bring to you an intervention of self-awareness concerning your activities of daily living.

We like to compartmentalize food and medicine in our activities of daily living. But in reality, they share a common link. When I say medicine, I’m not talking about laboratory-synthesized or petroleum-based substances, but rather plant-based medicine, folk remedies, etc. Now, a good percentage of our food source stems from plants, and even the food source for the animals that we eat turns out to be plants. So, it follows that the foods we consume each day ALSO have an effect on our overall balance and vitality. The truth is that therapeutic botanicals and fungi (medicines) are foods too–but they are more concentrated foods, and have a stronger elemental vibration. WE ARE COUNTING ON THEM TO BE STRONGER because we allowed our bodies to get so out of balance!!

The Chinese 5 Element theory was brought forward onto the planet ca. 2400 BCE (around 4,420 years ago) by Huang ti, a Spiritual Master and Healer of ancient China. (In almost every historical reference source, Huang ti is referred to as “The Yellow Emperor”. However, this is misleading because he never served in the official position of the Emperor of China during his life.) Since his time, other Spiritual Masters have contributed to his work. Modern-day acupuncture is based on the Chinese 5 Element theory. However, the acupuncture schools of today teach a variation of the original discipline brought forward all those years ago. Unfortunately, much of the original information has been “lost” and obscured due to the fact that China went through such intense periods of warmongering and warring after Huang ti’s death. Volatility pervaded this region of civilization during these ancient times. The information and services that I’m representing bring back the puzzle pieces that were “lost”.

Huang ti, aka The Yellow Emperor served as the physician to the Royal Court
Huang ti (aka “The Yellow Emperor”) served as the physician to the Royal Court

In the Chinese 5 Element theory, all life on the planet, as well as all potential energies (physics), falls under the vibration of one of the 5 elements. I don’t want to get into too much detail in this introduction, but it’s important for you to understand that every plant, tree, animal, fungus, etc. carries a vibration of one of the 5 elements. We humans, being the most sentient (self-aware) and advanced creatures on the planet, carry all of the 5 elements within us. Each person’s body chemistry and constitution is unique. For example, one person’s constitution may be: 35% Earth, 25% Metal, 15% Wood, 15% Water, and 10% Fire. So, in order for this person to maintain a strong constitution, they would need to nourish (feed) their body with mostly Fire, Water, and Wood. Of course, this person would also need to nourish (feed) their body with Earth and Metal, but to a lesser degree because they already have these elemental vibrations present in abundance in their constitution.

So, how can we know what foods and drinks will nourish our body the most? First, we need to apply muscle testing (applied kinesiology, or AK) as a tool to help build a blueprint of our unique body chemistry and constitution. Once we know the results, then we can analyze the blueprint to see what the best approach is for creating a nourishing diet plan. Next, we can get familiar with the elemental vibrations of different foods using the 5 Element Diet Master Inventory (5EDMI). The 5EDMI lists an amazing number of the most-used world-wide foods, each one categorized under its elemental vibration. I purposely avoid using brand names (marketing) of the different foods and drinks because it distracts from the original purpose and intention of the work. It is available to download here as a PDF document. If you are out grocery shopping, and you want to look up the elemental vibration of a certain food, you can now search the 5EDMI by keyword on your mobile phone. I’m very grateful to offer free and easy access to this information so that anyone who wants to open their consciousness more to this work, or to do further research about it, can do so. I invite you to test out any of this information, and if you have any reservations, or would like to offer suggestions of foods or therapeutic botanicals to add the 5EDMI, please let me know. You can leave comments on any of the blogs I’ve written, and/or you can fill out a form to contact me privately.

5 Element Theory Lite

The Supreme Creator made it SIMPLE for us to take care of ourselves and our bodies, although it’s not necessarily easy. The process becomes one of self-mastery and cultivating patience with oneself. Yes, you need to make some small sacrifices, but the rewards are truly great! Acupuncturists, similar to M.D.s, must go through years of study and hands-on training in order to achieve excellence as practitioners. So, you can safely conclude that the 5 Element theory encompasses many levels of complexity. However, I’m very glad to share that you don’t need to be a superstar practitioner in order to attain radiant health and vitality! After spending years observing and applying the principles and tools of the 5 Element theory to see what works and what doesn’t work, I feel confident to share with you the basic essentials. These are the things that you must pay attention to in order to see results.

  • Eat and drink many different varieties of foods from each of the 5 Elements over a period of days or weeks. Be aware that varying one’s diet with foods from different elements can balance the body. Avoid getting into ruts with eating the same foods week after week.
  • It’s the ELEMENTAL VIBRATION of the foods/drinks you consume that is of key importance. It’s not enough that you just eat foods that are considered “healthy”. For instance, we consider organic carrots and organic celery as very healthy and nutritious. However, the vibration for each of these vegetables is different, and our body may gain greater benefit from eating one over the other. In other words, the organic carrot may be more balancing for our individual body chemistry. The organic celery may not be as nourishing for our body. Once you know which of the 5 Elements are the most nourishing for your body, then you can make better, more informed food choices.
  • Take NOTHING long-term, including foods, therapeutic botanicals, toothpastes, soaps/shampoos … anything that you consume internally or apply to your body. Always rotate. Always give your body a rest from any healing regimens before resuming them again. The reason for this is because the body tends to develop a tolerance for things over time, regardless if they are beneficial for you or not. Just look at this as part of dealing with life on this physical level, and living in a physical body. Self-muscle testing (applied kinesiology, or AK) will greatly assist you with knowing what to do and when.
  • The 5 Element theory provides a framework for making sense out of a seemingly chaotic world. When you look at a chart, or diagram for the 5 Elements (see Figure 1), you will notice that each element represents a phase, or a season, and it also signifies a temporary state of mind or emotional phase. Each element also represents a functional organ system, or paired physiological process of the body (yin/yang).
  • The 5 Element theory corresponds to many other external processes of life, such as the psychological and ambient effects of the major colors used in feng shui, or states of activity/inactivity, etc. When you are just learning about the 5 Element theory, don’t try to memorize all of this information. Just allow it to sink in over time, without placing any burdens on yourself about having to learn it.
  • Within the dynamic, changing phases of the 5 Element theory, the two most important fundamental cycles are:
  1. The Sheng, or Generation (Creation) Cycle – this cycle moves in a clockwise direction, where each element assists in the generation of, or creation of the next element phase. Example: Wood provides fuel for a Fire.
  2. The Ko, or Control Cycle – this cycle moves diagonally clockwise around the element phases, where one element exerts a restraining, or overpowering influence upon another element. Example: Water extinguishes Fire.
    (see Figure 2)
  • Depending on how the 5 Elements line up for your unique body chemistry, the Control Cycle may be important for you to pay attention to. What Control Cycle dynamics present in your body rob you of greater health and vitality? Later on, I will be going into more detail about how the Ko, or Control Cycle can be used in real-life situations and in practical ways in future blogs, so please stay tuned!
Figure 2: The Control Cycle (Ko Cycle). The awe-inspiring mnemonics used in the Control Cycle (like Water extinguishes Fire) represent a system that truly makes sense on many levels!
Figure 2: The Control Cycle (Ko Cycle). The awe-inspiring mnemonics used in the Control Cycle (like Water extinguishes Fire) represent a system that truly makes sense on many levels!

The Services That I Offer

All of these services may be done either in person or online via video chat. Doing a consultation by phone (without video) is the least desirable method.

  1. The real value of this work comes when you can find out through muscle testing (applied kinesiology, or AK) which elements within your body need to be nourished most, and which elements within your body need to be nourished the least. The elements can be ranked from 1, being the most nourishing, to 5, being the element that your body needs least of (or will pull your body out of balance the fastest). Even the therapeutic botanicals that will best facilitate your healing process will vibrationally fall under the elements that nourish your body the most. Of course, everyone still needs to consume foods and drinks from ALL the elements in order to keep a high level of health and vitality. It’s just that you will be placing an emphasis on the elements that nourish your body the most.
  2. With me as your guide, I will instruct and facilitate with you on how to perform advanced methods of self-muscle testing (AK). This is an extremely vital aspect of my services, and you will want to master this skill as a life-long learning process.
  3. I provide free access to the 5 Element Diet Master Inventory document (5EDMI) in PDF format, which is an inventory of the most globally-used foods, minerals, and therapeutic botanicals categorized according to their elemental vibration. All of the therapeutic botanicals that have been included in the inventory are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). There are many therapeutic botanicals available on the market, however this does not automatically mean that they are GRAS products.
  4. As part of my extended services (Premium Consultation), I am offering to take you on a personalized food tour at any grocery store of your choice so that you can be introduced and oriented to new foods that you may have overlooked in the past, as well as how to pick out the most high-quality brands and other tips. I will be tailoring your food tour according to how the 5 Elements line up for your own unique body chemistry.
  5. If you request it, I will be glad to do a follow-up meeting with you to answer any questions that you have for me, or to go into more depth about any topic.

In service and in stewardship to our land and our food,

Michael Colors,
Alternative Health Consultant and Diet Coach

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