Fire Vibration Strategies that Balance High and Low Blood Pressure

This is Part 2 of a two-part blog post.

Bottles of alcohol on the shelf.
Ad of Murad cigarettes, with marketing art and design by Rea Irvin in 1916. Genuine Turkish tobacco has been regarded as being more natural because the processing of it remains more old-world (meaning fewer petroleum-based chemicals are used in the growing and processing of it), but that still does not make it any less addictive. The temperature of the tobacco plant (post-assimilation) is hot, so it can pull the body out of balance very quickly for some people.
  • Photo on left: bottles of alcohol on the shelf.
  • Photo on right: ad for Murad cigarettes, with marketing design by Rea Irvin in 1916. Genuine Turkish tobacco has been regarded as being more natural because the processing of it remains more old-world (meaning fewer petroleum-based chemicals are used in the growing and processing of it), but that still does not make it any less addictive. The temperature of the tobacco plant (post-assimilation) is hot, so it can pull the body out of balance very quickly for some people.

In the Chinese 5 Elements, Fire vibration rules the heart and circulation. On the 5ED NOURISHMENT RANKING SCALE, if Fire vibration is a person’s #4 or #5 most nourishing elemental vibration, then this person would be the most prone to high blood pressure. Some people have a high percentage of Fire vibration in their natural body chemistry; other people have a low percentage. The rest of the world population have it somewhere in the middle range. If you have a low percentage, then you are prone to low blood pressure. If you have a high percentage, then you are prone to high blood pressure. Unfortunately, you cannot change your body chemistry percentage because that is fixed. But you do have the choice and power within you to adjust your consumption of foods and drinks based upon your unique body chemistry.

As you can see in the blood pressure chart above, there are a range of blood pressure readings that are considered to be in the ‘normal’, average adult range across the world population. It is when your blood pressure readings go beyond these sets of normal readings that you need to start paying more attention. According to the guidelines published by the World Health Organization (WHO), if your blood pressure readings consistently show greater than 160 (mm Hg) systolic, or greater than 95 (mm Hg) diastolic, then you are considered to have high blood pressure (hypertension). Even so, there are grey areas between normal and raised blood pressure. For example, it is known that blood pressure rises with age, and a healthy person may well live symptom-free with a systolic pressure above the WHO data figures. 1

Over 90 per cent of hypertensive people have no immediately identifiable cause for their condition, and are described as having essential hypertension. In those patients with an identifiable cause, the hypertension is described as secondary. Among the causes of secondary hypertension are:

  • Lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol, stress, excessive dietary salt and obesity.
  • Diseases of the kidney.
  • Pregnancy (eclampsia).
  • Various endocrine disorders — for example, phaeochromocytoma, Cushing’s disease, acromegaly, thyrotoxicosis.
  • Coarctation of the aorta.
  • Drugs — for example, oestrogen-containing oral contraceptives, anabolic steroids, corticosteroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Black’s Medical Dictionary 1

This hypertension information above reveals some important wisdom as you read between the lines, and actually strengthens the information and strategies that I am presenting to you in this blog post. According to medical researchers, there doesn’t seem to be any concrete causation that can be pointed to for why some people (in the world population) experience symptoms of high blood pressure. They place the blame on “family genetics” factors, but that still does not provide a prescriptive pathway forward for the essential healing that is really needed for this person. And, it depends on the person’s level of acceptance and cooperation with the steps that are necessary to move forward in the healing process. How easy is it for this person to remain in a state of denial or refusal? Could it be that what we consume (all forms of consumption) directly correlates with our health or lack of it? Could it be that not only our physical health, but also that our emotional, mental, and spiritual health contribute to our overall health and well-being?



Regardless of whichever elemental vibrations a person has as their #4 or #5 most nourishing (in their unique body chemistry), these two zones indicate where a person’s addictive foods, comfort foods, or food allergies/sensitivities lie (from any source, e.g., plant, tree, animal, fungi, bacteria, etc.).

Out of all of the five elements, the Fire element vibration contains the largest number of highly addictive plants and fermented beverages. Some of these addictions can be among the most challenging that a person will ever face in their lives! Having said this, it is no surprise that a person with Fire vibration as their #5 most nourishing would be the most prone to alcoholism. Of course, there are cases where alcoholism does not play a role for these individuals. But keep in mind that these people have developed a great deal of spiritual maturity, and have overcome their lower nature, i.e., their addictive pattern.

If your physician/doctor has determined that you have high blood pressure, then the following strategies may help with balancing your high blood pressure, assuming that you are not currently taking any pharmaceutical medications. Of course, your decision to make any changes in your diet or in your activities of daily living requires a great deal of courage, discipline and resilience.

  1. In general, this person needs to consume less Fire vibration foods (like hot chilies, tomatoes, and corn flour products), drinks (like alcohol), and Fire vibration plants (like tobacco). Because these are the foods, etc., that this person enjoys consuming the most, then the process becomes one of doing it at a pace that the person can handle (over time). For example, it would not be making progress if the person is judging themselves for not being able to move forward fast enough, or being impatient with the process. Important: the shift away from consuming less Fire vibration foods, etc., creates a vacuum. Therefore, the vacuum must be filled by this person’s focusing on consuming more of their #1 or #2 most nourishing foods, drinks, and plant-based herbal remedies.
  2. Mnemonic: Water extinguishes Fire. In order to take advantage of the ‘Water extinguishes Fire’ principle of the Chinese 5 Elements, you must strive to add into your daily regimen more Water vibration foods, drinks, and plant-based herbal remedies. Any Water vibration sources of consumption will balance, or transcend an individual’s fixed body chemistry by increasing the percentage of Water vibration in the body, and thereby decreasing the Fire vibration (which is at the receiving end of the Control Cycle). It works the same way with any other elemental vibration sources of consumption within the Control Cycle. When you consult the 5ED Master Inventory list and look at the Water element section, you will see many common foods, plant-based remedies, etc., that are GRAS (generally recognized as safe), very healthy, and are eager to be consumed!
    NOTE: It’s important to get the full blueprint of a person’s unique body chemistry in order to assess the finer, more detailed nourishment strategies.

If Fire vibration is a person’s #1 or #2 most nourishing elemental vibration, then this person would be the most prone to low blood pressure. With low blood pressure, or hypotension, the root causation is most often (but not always) that this person is lacking Fire vibration in their body. Postural hypotension is the most common type, like when a person suddenly stands, particularly after a period of rest or a hot bath, and then feels like they are going to pass out (faint). The reason for this is because there is a temporary shortage of arterial blood to the brain. Indeed, the muscular tone of the arteries is not quick to respond, which indicates a weakness in the circulation of blood throughout the whole vascular system.

The following are other possible causes of hypotension, beyond what I have mentioned above:

  • Anti-hypertensive drugs and anti-depressant drugs may cause hypotension.
  • People with diabetes mellitus occasionally develop hypotension because of nerve damage that affects the reflex impulses controlling blood pressure.
  • Any severe injury or burn that results in serious loss of blood or body fluid will cause hypotension and shock.
  • Myocardial infarction, or failure of the adrenal glands can also contribute to hypotensive symptoms. 1

If your physician/doctor has determined that you have hypotension, or low blood pressure, then the following strategies may help with balancing your low blood pressure symptoms, assuming that you are not currently taking any pharmaceutical medications. I have listed these prevention strategies in detail in the previous blog post, “Fire vibration strategies that strengthen the heart and circulation“.

In service and in stewardship to our land and our food,

Michael Colors,
Alternative Health Consultant and Diet Coach

Nourishment recommendations for a certain condition or concern.

The real value of this work comes when you can find out through muscle testing, or dowsing (applied kinesiology) which of the elements your body needs most, and which of the elements your body needs least. The results of this muscle testing process will reveal a 'blueprint' of your own unique body chemistry. The elements can be ranked from 1, being the most nourishing, to 5, being the element that your body doesn't need much of (or will pull you out of balance the fastest). Even the plant- or fungus-based remedies that will be the most effective for your healing process will vibrationally fall under the elements that nourish your body the most. Of course, everyone still needs to eat foods from ALL of the elements in order to keep a high level of health and fitness. It's just that you will be placing an emphasis on the elements that nourish your body the most.

I am not a licensed doctor or practitioner. My Bachelor of Science degree is in Agricultural Science, and I have a Master's degree in Spiritual Science (similar to a Master of Divinity degree). My intention is to work with clients as a healing ministry, and my integrity with this work is not to "hard sell" my clients, but to guide and assist them through this process of receiving the answers inside of themselves, and to empower my clients to claim their own inner wisdom.
The remedy recommendations published on the 5 Element Diet web site have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not approved to treat, cure or prevent disease. Please consult with your physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or health related diagnosis or treatment options.
All of the information contained on this web site, The 5 Element Diet, assumes that you, the reader, are not currently taking any pharmaceutical medications. If you are taking any pharmaceutical medications, then it is YOUR responsibility to research any contraindications or drug interaction risks associated with using and/or ingesting any of the plant-based remedies referenced on this web site.
  1. Marcovich, Dr. H (Ed.). 2010. Black’s Medical Dictionary. 42nd Edition. London : A & C Black Publishers Ltd.

Fire Vibration Strategies that Strengthen the Heart and Circulation

This is Part 1 of a two-part blog post.

hawthorn bush with berries

In the Chinese 5 Elements, Fire vibration rules the heart and circulation. On the 5ED NOURISHMENT RANKING SCALE, if Fire vibration is a person’s #1 or #2 most nourishing elemental vibration, then this person would be the most prone to poor circulation. What does this look like? Depending on this person’s activities of daily living, and their diet and emotional/mental habits, it would be much easier for this person to develop accumulative plaque along the walls of the arteries (atherosclerosis). As this takes place over the years, it becomes harder and harder for the heart to pump blood throughout the whole circulatory system.

In general, there isn’t any pain being experienced until it develops into a serious condition for the heart. Having said that, many people continue to live in a state of denial that they need to radically change their diet and activities of daily living. And too, that they need to look at ways of maintaining a more balanced emotional/mental state, such as doing daily exercise or daily meditation. Some positive actions to take in this regard are: yoga, working out at the gym, doing long walks often, zen meditation, etc.


My purpose here is to jolt you into reality about how important the heart and circulation system is, and that you need to take care of your body and your health. You’re the only one who can do it — nobody else is going to do it for you!! You’re never going to hear this from anybody else, but I will relate this experience that I had while attending Swedish massage school back when I was in my mid-twenties (a long time ago!). As part of the curriculum, I had to take Anatomy & Physiology. Our class was blessed to have the most wonderful and amazing teacher! Because he had a great reputation behind him, he also taught A & P for the medical students in the local medical school. He also had the special privilege of teaching these medical students using medical cadavers from the County Morgue. After many years of experience, he got to know the situation for the bodies that he dissected on.

The following is what he related to us in class. Of course, all of the people who died were “pickled” with embalming fluid, and were tagged with what they had died from. He said that if the person that died was a known alcoholic, then he could pinch anywhere on the body, like the arms or legs, and it would sound like “squish, squish”. But, if the body was tagged as having died of heart attack or stroke, then the pinch would sound like “crackle, crackle”. THAT, my friends, was the sound of the plaque in the arteries!!

Each of the elemental vibrations in the Chinese 5 Elements carries a different emotional vibration and mood. Fire vibration foods and drinks tend to promote joy and an up-tempo demeanor. What is an example that demonstrates this? Well, when people attend a big party, they tend to drink alcohol (at least this is how it used to be before these very toxic drugs came on the scene!). When people drink alcohol, they tend to get more giddy and happy. So, this is evidential proof of what I mentioned above. In essence, people who have a low percentage of Fire vibration in their body chemistry may also be more prone to depression. This is not always the case, but most of the time there will be a correlation. For your consideration: instead of taking anti-depressant drugs, may I suggest that you try adding lots of healthy Fire vibration foods, drinks, and remedies to your daily diet? Believe it or not, preparing your daily dishes with raw, pickled, or cooked hot chilies (as opposed to only using your regular condiments/flavorings) will bring forward a noticeable difference of increased physical strength and emotional balance! One very effective, plant-based Fire remedy is St. John’s wort, which safely targets the endocrine system in the brain. I know this remedy works, especially with S.A.D. symptoms in the Fall, because I’ve lived it, and experienced its great results!



What are some strategies that I can take advantage of that would strengthen my heart and circulation, and assist in dissolving any plaque build-up along the artery walls?

wine bottles on the grocery shelf
poblano chilies at the grocery store
  1. You must begin the process of adding more Fire vibration foods into your diet. The chances are great that it will take time to adjust to these new foods. Even something as simple as changing what vegetable oils you cook with, or prepare foods with will make a difference. Also, make sure to purchase the freshest and most natural Fire vibration oils that you can.
  2. I recommend these three Fire vibration foods/remedies that have been proven to assist in dissolving any plaque build-up along the artery walls:
  • A. chili peppers, or hot chilies (arbol (chili de), chili negro | pasilla | chilaca, guajillo | mirasol, habanero, jalapeno, Korean hot | Korean red, mulato, hatch chili | New Mexico chili varieties, poblano, rocoto | manzano, serrano, tabasco, etc.). Hot chilies may be purchased either fresh, dried (seco), canned (jalapenos, chipotles, etc.), or bottled in hot sauce. When I first started out, I found that it was very satisfying to eat these hot chilies fresh, either cut up into a sauce, or simply whole, like you would eat a pickle with your meal. Hint: Wood vibration oils and foods tend to mask some of the hotness, and this makes the experience a bit better! So, when the waiter asks, “Do you like it spicy?” Then, immediately your lover or best friend reaches over and grabs your head, nodding it up and down as if to say, “Yes, I do.”
  • B. red table wine (or white), that has been fermented using old-world, traditional methods. In general, if you have to remove the cork from the bottle, then it will be healthy to drink! Other grain-based alcohols or plant-based alcohols will also work, but make sure that they do not contain petrol-based chemicals or flavorings. The idea here is to drink wine in a medicinal fashion. For example and for your consideration, you may want to have a nice glass of wine before retiring for bed.
    Keep in mind that statistically speaking, the countries that have consistently shown a low percentage of incidence of heart attack and stroke are in Europe — specifically Italy and France, as well as some other European countries. Given that it is traditional to drink wine at the main meals each day, this is most likely the reason why.
  • C. hawthorn tree (Crataegus spp. | C. monogyna | C. oxyacantha | C. laevigata). Preparation: berries, dried and powdered, either made into a tincture or encapsulated. There have been past research studies done that conclusively show that hawthorn berries assist in strengthening the heart and with dissolving plaque build-up along the artery walls. The most notable research studies were done in the 1960s and 1970s.
  1. Swedish massage. The upper-most goal with Swedish massage is to mechanically force the movement of stagnant blood, starting from the outer-most limbs and going toward the direction of the heart using hand pressure. This movement of the blood toward the heart and lungs will allow the blood to re-oxygenate. It is kind of like squeezing a tube of toothpaste in order to get it to flow in the direction that you want it to.
  2. Doing any kind of exercise that gets the heart pumping, thereby increasing blood flow and circulation throughout the whole vascular system. If you are on the computer all day at work, then employ strategies to even overcome this kind of “limitation”, like doing exercises at your desk, or doing some type of exercise after work that keeps your body moving!

I never promised that making these radical changes to your diet and daily routines would be easy, right? Simple? Yes … but not necessarily easy. But then again, we can all agree that life can have quite a few challenges. THERE’S A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL: after a few months of switching over to eating these very nourishing foods, you will begin to not only like these more nourishing foods, but you will begin to look forward to eating them! Somehow, your body knows that these new foods are more healthy, and all parts of you will move into a place of cooperation with eating them. You will have adapted — you will have grown accustomed to the new, healthy diet!

And too, this process of strengthening the heart and the circulatory system does not happen overnight. It took years for our arteries to get clogged up, so it may take some time to unclog them! While detoxifying, please consider taking alkaline-forming mineral supplements (calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and chromium [but not iron]). This will help to insure that your internal body system maintains at least a slightly alkaline environment, which will help with the elimination of toxins.

Keywords to live by: steadiness, steadfastness. Practice inner discipline, focus and courage. We must strive to get beyond our addictive foods and comfort foods.


This person doesn’t need to be concerned about poor circulation. Why? Because this person’s body chemistry already has a high percentage of Fire vibration, and this factor alone will offset the chances of him or her being prone to poor circulation. In fact, these people may easily have exemplary heart and circulatory system health! But, that does not mean that this person is invincible health-wise, because there will be OTHER organs or body systems that will be weak. So, the challenge for this person is to find out what those are, and to change their diet so that those other organs or body systems are being nourished.

In service and in stewardship to our land and our food,

Michael Colors,
Alternative Health Consultant and Diet Coach

Effective Herbal Formula for the COVID Virus

Elderberry tree berries (Sambucus nigra). Photo taken by H. Zell, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Many, many years BEFORE laboratory-synthesized pharmaceuticals, people of all cultures worldwide looked to plant-based, fungi-based, animal-based, and mineral-based remedies for their medicinal needs. Even today, China still practices modern medicine incorporating these natural remedies in a time-honored branch of medicine known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM’s official catalog of these natural remedies, referred to as the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, continues to get updated and reviewed by a medical board on a regular basis.

Like all pests on the planet, viruses take advantage of their hosts so that they can multiply and flourish. This can be thought of as a parasitic relationship, where one organism gains while the other organism sacrifices “energy” in one form or another. When looking at these relationships and circumstances, a pest looking to successfully proliferate itself will seek out a host that has something that will nourish it. The “food” that will nourish the pest will be distinctly different from the thing that will challenge, or weaken the pest’s energy levels. In other words, a pest will not choose a host that possesses a hostile chemistry or living environment.

The COVID virus carries a vibration of Fire, meaning that this is a Fire vibration pest. The measles virus is another example of a Fire vibration pest. When someone gets the measles, in addition to a high fever, the person also breaks out in a splotchy reddish rash that spreads from head to foot. This splotchy reddish rash demonstrates the release of Fire energy from the body. Not all viruses are Fire vibration viruses, which makes sense because 1) we find that there are different elemental vibrations even within the same plant family (plants which are closely related to each other) and 2) we can observe very different symptoms for other types of viruses, which demonstrates that they have a different modus operandi for obtaining nourishment and reproducing.

Now, since the COVID virus (as a pest) carries a Fire vibration, we need to look at which elemental vibration of the 5 Elements will weaken, or exert a restraining, or overpowering influence upon the virus. When we look at the Control Cycle, or Ko Cycle of the Chinese 5 Elements, we see that Water extinguishes Fire (see Figure 1).

The Control Cycle (Ko Cycle). The awe-inspiring mnemonics used in the Control Cycle (like Water extinguishes Fire) represent a system that truly makes sense on many levels!
Figure 1 – 5 Element Chart: The Control Cycle (Ko Cycle).

So, using this knowledge of ancient wisdom healing we can begin to formulate a strategy to weaken the virus pest. Remember when I shared about each person’s body chemistry, or constitution being made up of various percentages for each of the 5 Elements? Well, what I would bet is that the people who have had the worst challenges with COVID illness (including cases where the person has died from COVID) are the people who have had a very low percentage of Water vibration in their body chemistry. Why? Because if the person had had a high percentage of Water vibration in their body chemistry, then the COVID virus pest would have been UNHAPPY attempting to take nourishment in this body.

Keeping all of this in mind, I am pleased to present below a healing formula made up of plant materials for people who are ill with the COVID virus. My prayer is that this formula will assist a person with their healing process. As of the time of this blog entry, you won’t find this formula ready-made, so a family member or caregiver will need to buy these plant materials separately and make them up. Depending on the ill person’s individual preference, the formula can be pressed into tablets, or it can be placed into capsules. Alternatively, herbal extracts may be used where applicable.

Botanical NameCommon NamePart-PreparationPercentageVibration-Notes
Artemisia argyi | any other Artemisia spp.mugwort, moxa, wormwoodleaf, powdered35%Water, cooling
Sambucus spp.elderberry, elder treefruit, powdered25%Water, cooling
Angelica archangelica | Angelica spp.angelica, dong quairoot, powdered25%Metal, cooling – assists with strengthening lungs
Laminaria spp.kelp seaweedwhole thallus, powdered15%Water, cold – high levels of plant-based iodine