Effective Herbal Formula for the COVID Virus

Elderberry tree berries (Sambucus nigra). Photo taken by H. Zell, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Many, many years BEFORE laboratory-synthesized pharmaceuticals, people of all cultures worldwide looked to plant-based, fungi-based, animal-based, and mineral-based remedies for their medicinal needs. Even today, China still practices modern medicine incorporating these natural remedies in a time-honored branch of medicine known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM’s official catalog of these natural remedies, referred to as the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, continues to get updated and reviewed by a medical board on a regular basis.

Like all pests on the planet, viruses take advantage of their hosts so that they can multiply and flourish. This can be thought of as a parasitic relationship, where one organism gains while the other organism sacrifices “energy” in one form or another. When looking at these relationships and circumstances, a pest looking to successfully proliferate itself will seek out a host that has something that will nourish it. The “food” that will nourish the pest will be distinctly different from the thing that will challenge, or weaken the pest’s energy levels. In other words, a pest will not choose a host that possesses a hostile chemistry or living environment.

The COVID virus carries a vibration of Fire, meaning that this is a Fire vibration pest. The measles virus is another example of a Fire vibration pest. When someone gets the measles, in addition to a high fever, the person also breaks out in a splotchy reddish rash that spreads from head to foot. This splotchy reddish rash demonstrates the release of Fire energy from the body. Not all viruses are Fire vibration viruses, which makes sense because 1) we find that there are different elemental vibrations even within the same plant family (plants which are closely related to each other) and 2) we can observe very different symptoms for other types of viruses, which demonstrates that they have a different modus operandi for obtaining nourishment and reproducing.

Now, since the COVID virus (as a pest) carries a Fire vibration, we need to look at which elemental vibration of the 5 Elements will weaken, or exert a restraining, or overpowering influence upon the virus. When we look at the Control Cycle, or Ko Cycle of the Chinese 5 Elements, we see that Water extinguishes Fire (see Figure 1).

The Control Cycle (Ko Cycle). The awe-inspiring mnemonics used in the Control Cycle (like Water extinguishes Fire) represent a system that truly makes sense on many levels!
Figure 1 – 5 Element Chart: The Control Cycle (Ko Cycle).

So, using this knowledge of ancient wisdom healing we can begin to formulate a strategy to weaken the virus pest. Remember when I shared about each person’s body chemistry, or constitution being made up of various percentages for each of the 5 Elements? Well, what I would bet is that the people who have had the worst challenges with COVID illness (including cases where the person has died from COVID) are the people who have had a very low percentage of Water vibration in their body chemistry. Why? Because if the person had had a high percentage of Water vibration in their body chemistry, then the COVID virus pest would have been UNHAPPY attempting to take nourishment in this body.

Keeping all of this in mind, I am pleased to present below a healing formula made up of plant materials for people who are ill with the COVID virus. My prayer is that this formula will assist a person with their healing process. As of the time of this blog entry, you won’t find this formula ready-made, so a family member or caregiver will need to buy these plant materials separately and make them up. Depending on the ill person’s individual preference, the formula can be pressed into tablets, or it can be placed into capsules. Alternatively, herbal extracts may be used where applicable.

Botanical NameCommon NamePart-PreparationPercentageVibration-Notes
Artemisia argyi | any other Artemisia spp.mugwort, moxa, wormwoodleaf, powdered35%Water, cooling
Sambucus spp.elderberry, elder treefruit, powdered25%Water, cooling
Angelica archangelica | Angelica spp.angelica, dong quairoot, powdered25%Metal, cooling – assists with strengthening lungs
Laminaria spp.kelp seaweedwhole thallus, powdered15%Water, cold – high levels of plant-based iodine